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Make sure you’re all set for your next pool party by stocking up on a few High Noon Black Cherry Vodka & Soda 4 Pack Cans for you and your guests to enjoy!

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, the High Noon Spirits Company was established with the mission of providing drinkers with delicious pre-made cocktails in a can. Made from real juice, real vodka, and refreshing sparkling water, their expressions offer a guilt-free cocktail drinking experience with all the flavor and none of the fuss.


Among their expressions is the High Noon Black Cherry Vodka, a hard-seltzer infused with the sweet and invigorating flavors of black cherries. Each batch of this beverage begins with a base of vodka distilled from high-quality Midwest corn which is then blended with carbonated water and real black cherry juice to achieve the desired taste before being packaged in 12oz cans.


Once opened, each sip of this cocktail greets you with a generous helping of black cherry aromas which is then immediately followed by a sweet palate of more black cherry notes balanced by hints of citrus acidity and syrupy sweetness before wrapping up with a crisp and vibrant finish.


Smooth and dangerously easy to drink, there’s no better way to refresh yourself this summer than with a can of this delicious treat. So don’t hesitate to get a few High Noon Black Cherry Vodka & Soda 4 Pack Cans today and indulge yourself in the lush flavors of black cherries to your heart’s content.


Made from high-quality corn vodka

Flavored with real black cherry juice

Best served chilled

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