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McCormick Gin is a London Dry Gin with distinct notes of juniper and coriander. McCormick Gin is a classic London Dry Gin, which contains no other added ingredients other than water in addition to the herbal ingredients. Also, it contains no sweetening substances, so that the pure taste of gin can be fully enjoyed. The only grain from the United States is used for production. On the nose, pine accentuated juniper, with toasted ground coriander, loudly declaring itself. It's clearly classic styled from the first aroma, though the heavy coriander will readily distinguish it from other London Dry or Classic Styled gins. McCormick Gin has a literal palate and is true to the nose. Made from American grain, McCormick Gin has the traditional profile of a London Dry gin and mixes well in a variety of cocktails. McCormick London Dry Gin is a great everyday gin that is perfect for Gin & Tonic or the customary martini. Light, crisp, and dry McCormick won't break the bank on good taste. Enjoy!

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